Wednesday, August 14, 2013

When It All Goes Wrong - The Overtunes

Verse 1 :
We have problems everyday 
starting from the small ones onto the big ones
And then they seem to be gone at the end
So we let the problems take in control
So listen to this song
say everything will be alright
there's a lot of things to cheer you up
it's ok, don't cry
say, it will be just fine
Even though theres no word that-can-make-u-smile
give the sun a chance to start a brand new day
brand new day

But sometimes we forget 
here's, what I'm gonna say to you

When it doesn't seem to be ok 
When you just don't feel right in your heart 
When everything just don't go like you want 
When it all goes wrong 

Verse 2 :
being true to my words 

download this song on The Overtunes' Reverbnation

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