Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mada Emmanuelle's Profile

Name : Mada Emmanuelle Brahmantyo 
NickName : Mad, Mada
Date of birth: June 2, 1994
Place of birth: Denver, Colorado
Music influence: MUSE
Current education: Studying architecture at Binus University
Musical instruments: Bass, Drums

  • Brahm (father)
  • Yvonne (mother)
  • Reuben (younger brother)
  • Mikha (younger brother)
  • Andrew (younger brother)


Color: Maroon
Number: 10, 19, 4
Food: Nasi Uduk
Sport: Football, Frisbee
Movie: Meet the Spartans, Ace Ventura
Subject: Geography
Animal: Dogs
Artists: Matt Wertz, Poema, Muse.
Video game: FIFA, FM
Soccer team: Arsenal

Hidden talent: Cooking
Fear of: Spiders

Twitter: @MadaEmmanuelle

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